Once you have added a role to an intake or matter, you can edit it from the dropdown menu on the right hand side of the row.


Select Edit to change information such as the party in this role, the role category or sub-category, and the related role (if any)

  • Other fields on the role or party record may also be available here, depending on how you have set up Litify



Open Party to open the record page for the party in this role in a new browser tab

Add a Related Record

Select Add a related record to the role, such as a damage or insurance record. Creating these related records from the Roles component automatically fills out the fields for the role and the intake/matter.

  • The type(s) of related records you can create from a given role will vary depending on how you have set up Litify


Related Roles

Roles can be "nested" under other roles in a hierarchical relationship. The higher role is the "parent" role, while the role nested underneath it is the "child" role.

Related roles help you organize the relationships between parties in a case. Group families together, or track multiple defendants on a matter and add each of their attorneys via related roles.

In the image below, the roles for the plaintiff (Sally McQueen), defendant (Neall O'Leahy), and court (3rd District Court) are parents. Other roles, such as those for the plaintiff's doctor, the judge, and the defendant's attorney, are nested beneath them.


You can drag-and-drop one role onto another role to relate them. The role you moved will be below the other role in a hierarchy. The related role is a sort of "parent" to the roles below it.

Let's drag the role record for Steve McQueen onto Sally McQueen to group them together:


To remove a related role, you can either:

  • Select Remove Parent from the dropdown menu, or
  • Drag the role to the section at the top of the Roles component where you see the text "Drag here to move to top level"


Delete a Role

Click the trashcan icon to Delete to delete a role.


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