Litify actions and components on mobile appear based on your page layouts on your Litify org. To add components and actions to mobile Litify, navigate to the page layouts for each object and add them. In this example, we'll add the Time Entries and Stopwatch mobile actions to the matters page layout.

1. Navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Matter > Page Layouts. Click the page layout that is assigned to your matters.

2. In the page layout, click Mobile & Lightning Actions.

3. Locate the actions you want to add to your mobile layout. In this example, we're adding the Time Entries and Stopwatch actions. Drag the actions into the Salesforce Mobile & Lightning Experience Actions section. Rearrange and delete actions here as well.

4. Save your changes.


The Salesforce mobile and Lightning Experience Actions sections after we added the new actions:


Access the page you edited on Litify mobile to test the changes.

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