Importing Matters Without Matter Plans

Import matters without matter stages and matter plans to bring your basic case data to Litify. Make sure you have imported the parties that you will use to populate the Client field on your matters. This guide uses the Data Loader web application.

1. First, create a CSV file containing all of the fields and data you want to import to Litify. Some of the fields you might want to add include:

Client (lookup to Party)
Primary Intake (lookup to Intake)
Case Type (lookup to Case Type)
• Optionally, you might want to map values to the Created At date to reflect the true date these cases were created. If you do not, the Created At date on all imported matters will be the date you import them.
• Additional information as necessary: Ignore Default Plan field, Originating Attorney field, Source field, Owner field, Status field, Matter Team, Referral field, Stage

Note: You must import matter plans, matter tasks, and matter stages before importing matters.

An example of a basic import:

2. Open Data Loader. This guide uses the Data Loader web application. Login to your org.

3. Click New Task.

4. Click Insert. Select the Matter object. Click Next.


5. Choose the CSV file you created in step 1. Click Next.

6. Map the values in your CSV to the appropriate fields in Litify.

a. Select Lookup via: and select Party Name, Intake Name, and Case Type Name, for the Client, Primary Intake, and Case Type fields. Complete this same process for additional fields.


7. Click Next.

8. Click Save & Run. Click Run on the confirmation window.

9. Your list of imports opens and displays successful and failed imports.

10. Check your Litify org to see if your new matters were imported correctly.


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