Build these best practice DICE calling lists to target key leads and ensure your agents are calling following up with them. These calling lists provide important base information you can customize and build on depending on your firm's requirements.


Open Leads

This list includes all open intakes that have been called three times or less. Use this to begin qualifying new leads and make sure no leads are falling through the cracks.



Retainer Sent

This list includes intakes where the retainer agreement has been sent to the client. Use this list to follow up with clients and make sure they receive the agreement and return it signed.



Case Recovery (Turned Down Intakes)

Build a case recovery list for all intakes agents have turned down in the past month. This list includes intakes with the "Client Unresponsive" turned down reason. Build your list based on any turned down reason. This list allows you to follow up with potential leads once more to make sure no cases were turned down in error and you do not miss any cases.


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