Mass Delete with Data Loader

Mass delete records with data loader to delete large quantities of records from your org with ease. Before completing this process, export all information you are deleting if you feel you might need to access it at any point in the future.

You must have delete permission on the object whose records you are mass deleting to complete this process.

1. Create a CSV file containing the record IDs of the records you are deleting. Locate the record IDs in the URL of each record, or pull them from a mass export of records you are deleting.

This image contains the parties we are deleting in this example. Your mass delete will contain many more than this.


2. Next, navigate to data loader and login with your Salesforce credentials. This guide uses the data loader web application.

3. Click New Task, then click Delete in the upper-left corner.


4. Choose the object whose records you are deleting. In this example, we're deleting party records. Click Next.


5. Click Upload CSV, then locate the CSV containing the records you are deleting.


6. Step 3 displays the headers and sample data. Ensure these are accurate, then click Next.


7. On step 4, click Save & Run.

8. The next page displays the failed or successful deletion. Each task contains links to information about the errors or successes.



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