Update custom tab icons to the new Litify icons introduced in the Take Action Release for a better user experience on Litify. Examples of objects with new icons:

• Insurance
• CQC Rule
• Stage
• Time Entry
• Referrals
• Matter Team Member
• Expense
• Questions
• Request
• Damage
• Matter
• Default Matter Task
• Calendar Rules
• Questionnaire
• Matter Plan
• Roles
• Referral Transaction
• Settings
• Negotiations
• DICE Queue
• Firm
• Source
• Case Type
• Default Matter Team
• Logs 
• DICE Logs

1. Navigate to Setup > Tabs. In the list of custom tabs, locate the tab you are editing and click Edit.


2. Within the selected custom tab, click the magnifying glass next to Tab Style.


3. Click Create Your Own Style.


4. Within the Litify Logos folder, select the corresponding icon based on the tab you're editing. Click OK, then Save the tab.



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