Matter Plans define the tasks and stages a matter goes through to complete a case based on a case type, such as automobile accidents. But sometimes, case types need different requirements. This can be due to the incident’s location or other important case details. Instead of rebuilding a whole new matter plan to change one stage or a few tasks, users can clone matter plans and edit their tasks to fit specific needs.

How to Clone a Matter Plan

  1. Log in to Litify.
  2. Navigate to App Launcher > Matter Plans.
  3. Select a Matter Plan Name.
  4. Review the Matter Stages and their tasks to confirm it is the correct matter plan you want to clone.
  5. Select the Clone button. A confirmation modal appears.cmp1.jpeg
  6. Select Yes, Clone in the modal. The page redirects to the cloned matter plan.
  7. Select Edit.
  8. Rename your Matter Plan to detail what case type scenario it addresses.cmp2.jpeg
  9. Optionally, create a new case type with the same name.
    • Remove the existing Case Type.
    • Select Create New.
    • Input a new Case Type Name.
    • Check Is Available.
    • Save.
  10. Save to confirm Matter Plan Name and Case Type Changes.

Now you can begin editing the stages and tasks to reflect the new case scenario. See the Create Matter Plans user guide for details on how to add Matter Stages and Matter Tasks.

Why should I create a new case type?

You should create a new case type when:

  • The original matter plan is still in use
  • The new matter plan addresses a specific scenario

This is because matter plans have a 1:1 relationship with case type values. Matters assigned a case type auto-select the alphabetically first matter plan associated with that case type. When multiple matter plans are assigned to one case type, there is a chance the wrong matter plan will be generated. Creating a new case type ensures the user always knows exactly what matter plan will populate on the record.

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