Required Permissions 

You must be a Salesforce Administrator to configure Notes. 

Object Properties

  • Label: Note
  • API Name: lit_Note__c

Lightning Record Page Layouts

Existing Litify clients (as of October 2019) may need to update their Lightning Record Page Layouts to use Notes. 

Notes must be added on all of the following layouts: 

  • Damage
  • Expense
  • Incident
  • Insurance
  • Intake
  • Lien
  • Matter
  • Negotiation
  • Referral
  • Request
  • Resolution
  • Role
  • Time Entry

Add Notes to Lightning Record Pages

  1. Open Setup > Object Manager. 
  2. Select one of the supported objects, such as Damage.
  3. Select Lightning Record Pages > Page Label > Edit
  4. Find Related List - Single in Standard Lightning Components. 
  5. Drag Related List - Single onto the page.notes1.jpeg
  6. Update the Related List field to Notes. (Select the second Notes option in the list.)
  7. Save.  

Repeat this for all objects and record page layouts used by your users. 

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