Some users choose to place the Questionnaire Output field on matters so users can easily view how clients answered questions on the intake.

A great and visually accessible way to put a questionnaire output field on any matter is to create a Quick Action. By creating a quick action, we're putting a small preview of information to streamline a user's interaction with a record. Please follow the instructions below to create a quick action for the Questionnaire Output.

1. Navigate to Object Manager in Setup and locate the Intake object.

2. Click Buttons, Links, & Actions in the sidebar.

3. Click New Action.

4. Complete the following page.

Action Type: Update a Record
Label: Questionnaire Output
Name: Questionnaire_Output


5. Add the field to the layout.

6. Once you've saved your Quick Action, navigate to any Matter and click edit page. Once the page layout preview appears, add a Related Record Lightning Component and adjust the components settings to match the below:

a. Header Label: Questionnaire Output
b. Lookup Field: Primary Intake
c. Update Action: Questionnaire Output


7. Click Save.

8. Check your matters for the new Questionnaire Output.



Additional article:
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