Send an Email When an Intake is Created

This guide walks you through the process to automatically send an email when an intake is created. Follow this guide if you want to send an email to a group or list letting them know to contact the client on a new intake. Additionally, you can use this guide for sending emails automatically when creating other types of records. In this guide, we'll create a workflow that sends an email to a group of users.

This workflow enhances your intake process and eliminates extra work for intake managers and intake agents. This is part of the intake best use cases on Litify.

1. First, create the email template you wish to send. Click here to learn how to create email templates.

2. Create a workflow rule based on the intake record that fires when an intake is created with the status of Open. Navigate to Setup > Workflow Rules and click New Rule.

3. Select the Intake object.


4. Complete the Edit Workflow Rule section. Name the rule and describe it with any information that makes its purpose clear to other users.


5. In Evaluation Criteria, select created. This ensures this workflow rule is only evaluated when a new intake is created.


6. In Rule Criteria, select the Intake: Status field, equals operator, and Open value. This ensures the workflow rule fires only when the intake status is open.


7. Click Save & Next.

8. In Specify Workflow Actions, click Add Workflow Action and click New Email Alert.


9. Complete the Email Alert Edit window.

a. Describe the email alert in Description.
b. Unique Name auto-populates based on description.
c. Select the Email Template you created in step 1.
d. In Recipient Type, select User or Public Groups. For this example, create an Intake Group containing all users who need to receive this email. If you want to simply send this to a few users, select the users individually instead of using groups.
e. From Available Recipients, select groups or users and add them.


10. Add additional emails. This section is for users who do not belong to the group you selected, such as managers or other people who need to be notified that a new intake has been created.


11. In From Email Address, choose to send the email from the current user's email address or the default workflow user's email address.

12. Click Save.

13. Optionally, you can add another workflow action to update the Total Emails field on this intake. This workflow rule will not update the field unless you add another action. See this article.

14. On step 3, Click Done.


15. Activate the Workflow.


16. Create an intake to test out your new Workflow Rule. Automation just got one step easier for you processes.


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