Release Notes

Released: 1/15/2020
Upgrade: Automatic; no installation required. 

UI Enhancements

  • The Save Email as an Activity in Salesforce dialog was redesigned for increased usability. Changes include:
    • Removed the To, From, CC fields 
    • Replaced the modal with a fullscreen UI. 
    • Added a unified field for specifying people and business objects to be linked
    • Added specific notifications about what items cannot be linked.
  • Improved the Meeting Scheduler’s UI for general usability. 
  • Improved user experience while searching for objects and linked records.

Sync & Sharing Updates

  • Added the global setting ServiceSyncNotRespondedInvitations. This settings allows SmartCloud Connect to push meetings into Salesforce which were not accepted by their recipients (SmartCloud Connect Users). This reduces syncing errors caused by meeting invites remaining unresponded. 
  • Improved real-time handling of invitees by expanding recurring syncing to include invitees lists. Previously, this list was synced only upon an event’s initial sharing. Enable the SalesforceEventSmartAutoSharing setting to use this feature.
  • Private events in SmartCloud Connect can now be shared with Salesforce. These events remain private, with no details revealed--including the event subject. 

Other Settings & Setup Updates

  • A new storage setting has been added which defines whether a Salesforce org is using SpringCM or Litify Documents. Admins can specify storage selection for all users. Disabling this setting reverts file storage to Salesforce Attachments and Content Documents.
  • Admins can now set up Salesforce access for multiple SmartCloud Connect users in mass. See this SmartCloud Connect guide for more information. 
  • Added more show/hide controls for Meeting Scheduler features such as Time Slots and Book Me. This allows customers to create more focused dialogue windows that contain only the fields they use.
  • Admins can now disable Salesforce Task object creation and modification for end users. End users can still save emails as a task when this setting is enabled.
  • Added a setting which allows admins to manage attachment selection for each user. Options include: Do not auto-select, auto-select files, auto-select files >100KB, auto-select all. For example, auto-select files >100KB can filter out unwanted signature graphics from emails that may get stored unnecessarily.

Microsoft Exchange 2016 

  • Added a Microsoft Exchange authorization setup page to Smart Cloud Connect sidebar which appears when no Exchange access is established.
  • Logging in can now be done within the side panel instead of requiring a new window. 


  • Resolved an issue for Litify Inbox Desktop users where marking a thread to be auto-saved did not work as expected.
  • Resolved issue for users with the SmartCloud Connect Chrome Extension that prevented linking of email attachments shared as content files to emails shared in Salesforce; now attachments are successfully linked.
  • Resolved issue where the option to save an email as an .eml file was not removed for users when disabled by administrators.



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