Workflow Rules and Total Emails Field on Intakes Best Practices

Litify has a Total Emails field on the intake object that counts every email sent from the intake record. You can use to keep track of case correspondences and enhance your intakes process.

This field does not update when emails are sent from a workflow rule. This guide shows you how to add a field update action in a workflow rule that adds the new email to the Total Email field.

In your workflow rule, add a field update action that updates the Total Emails field +1 when the workflow rule is triggered.

1. Navigate to a workflow rule that automatically sends an email. In the Workflow Actions section, click Edit.


2. In the edit rule window, click the Add Workflow Action dropdown list and click New Field Update.


3. Complete the Field Update Edit window.

a. Name the new action.
b. The Unique Name field is auto-populated.
c. Add a description.
d. In Field to Update, select Total Emails.
e. Check "Re-evaluate Workflow Rules After Field Change" if you have other workflow rules that reference the Total Emails field and need to be checked after this workflow rule changes the field.


4. Complete the Specify New Field Value section.

a. Select Use a formula to set the new value.
b. In the formula field, enter this formula: litify_pm__Total_Emails__c  + 1
c. Click Save.


5. Your workflow rule now contains two workflow actions. Test it out and check the Total Emails field.



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