Reply, Reply All, and Forward Emails

Reply, Reply All, or Forward options are available from the email detail page or activity timeline on Litify. These options are only available to organizations using Enhanced Email. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only. This guide covers enabling these features and best practices when using them on Litify.

If you’re missing Reply, Reply All, Forward actions on an email activity or email detail page, check if you have Send Email action set up properly in Lightning Experience following this guide.

If you still do not see the options, follow these instructions to enable these features:
• Enable Enhanced Email by going to Setup > Customize > Email > Enhanced Email.
• User is only able to Reply, Reply All and Forward if they are listed in the To, Cc or Bcc fields in the email or is the sender.
• The options are available for Email Message records only. Users will not able to reply or forward emails logged as tasks.
• Litify does not run an 'Email address' check but instead actually reference the UserID. Make sure to select the User record and not to type email address.


Additional Information

• You can’t forward email attachments sent from Salesforce Classic in Lightning Experience.
• When forwarding emails, the most recent version of the file is attached rather than the version sent in the original email.
• Clicking Reply/Reply All will bring up composer window and pre-populate subject, previous message and recipients in previous message.
• Clicking Forward will bring up composer window and pre-populate subject, previous message and attachment in previous message.
• Crawled emails from Einstein Activity Capture don't have attachments, so attachments are only supported for emails sent from Litify.

Data Loader

You can use Data Loader to understand more technical details about how these options appear:

• Write a SOQL query on 'EmailMessage' object to identify if 'RelatedToId' shows non-case object Record ID (i.e. contact, lead, etc.).

​SELECT RelatedToId FROM EmailMessage WHERE Id = 'EmailMessage RecordID (starts with 02s)'

• Next, write another SOQL query on 'EmailMessageRelation' object and verify if the Email contains a relation of any user record showing:
1. RelationAddress = User's Email Address
2. RelationId = User ID
3. RelationObjectType = User
SELECT Id,RelationAddress,RelationId,RelationObjectType,RelationType FROM EmailMessageRelation WHERE EmailMessageId = 'EmailMessage RecordID (starts with 02s)'


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