The signature merge feature allows you to merge in a users signature based on their role. This articles covers the process for performing a signature merge.


We recommend the following settings when using signatures merges:

  • Format: PNG
  • Size: 92ppi

Create a Custom Field on the User Record

The first step of this process is to add a "text" or "text area" field* to the user record. For detailed steps on how to do this, please follow these instructions from Salesforce.

*For this documentation, the custom field created is Signature Tag.

Once you have created your text field on the user record, it should look something like this:


Image Input ID

There is a field on the Global Image titled "Image input ID". Once you have uploaded an image and clicked save, this field will be populated. 


Copy the Image Input ID by clicking on the clipboard. Once it's been copied, paste it into the newly created custom field on the user record. 


Add the Signature Tag During Template Creation

After the custom field has been created, the signature has been uploaded as a global image, and the image input tag has been saved to the custom field, the next step is to add the signature tag during template creation. 

The user object fields are already part of the template builder; and now the custom created field will be there as well. 

Build Your Template

Proceed with building your template as you normally would. Adding each input as necessary. 

Add Signature Input

For either Salesforce Fields or Salesforce Records find the object and role and select them on the left of the modal. On the right under related fields you’ll find the custom field that was created—Signature Tag.


Once you add the custom field, you’ll see a new formatting option ‘Merge as Image’. Make sure you check this off, so that the merge engine knows to treat the input as an image. 

  • If this is NOT checked, the input ID will show up in the template and not the image. 



A way to check to make sure ‘Merge as Image’ was checked off, is the merge tag must have a % tag in it. 

Add the merge tag to your template document as normal, upload the document as your source file, and proceed with merge. 

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