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Upgrade steps

Please note that several of the exciting improvements in our latest Litify release require some configuration changes. Most of these steps are minor, but they are required to get the most out of Litify!

New and improved features 

Activity Timeline & Activity Timeline Setup Assistant

Activity Timeline


The Activity Timeline gives you a comprehensive, chronological view of the activity that has taken place on an intake, matter, or any other type of record. Use it to:

  • Spend less time reviewing everything that has been done on a case
  • See what's coming up next
  • Jump around in time without scrolling through multiple pages or hundreds of records
  • Search and filter the timeline to quickly find what you're looking for
  • Dive into details without losing the context of what happened before and after
  • View and edit records in a responsive sidebar without leaving the Activity Timeline

Activity Timeline Setup Assistant


Litify admins can configure the Activity Timeline with a powerful and easy to use setup interface. Key settings include:

  • Set up the Activity Timeline to work on nearly any type of object within Litify and Salesforce
  • Include nearly any type of object as an "activity" within the timeline
  • Decide which types of activities users can edit directly from the timeline
  • Map the most important field values to the Activity Timeline "table" to make them immediately visible and searchable

Learn more about the Activity Timeline:

Matter Plan component

  • “Closed” tasks filtered out from Matter Plan task table by default
  • Users can now click View More Tasks within the Matter Plan component to load and display a longer list of tasks

Intake and Matter Display Name triggers

Firms that wish to disable the automatic population of the Display Name fields on Intakes and Matters can now do so. Some firms prefer to use their own automation and naming conventions.

Note on upgrade paths and the Display Name trigger

The trigger which automatically populates the Display Name fields was introduced with Litify v19.9002. The ability to disable this trigger was introduced with Litify v21.1.

  • Firms upgrading from a version of Litify starting with v19.9002 to v21.1 (or newer) will have the naming trigger enabled by default, to reflect the behavior they expect. 
  • Firms upgrading from a version of Litify prior to v19.9002 to v21.1 (or newer) will have the naming trigger disabled by default, to reflect the behavior they are used to. 

Litify Intakes API

  • Litify Intakes API error logs now include the full body of the post to simplify debugging

Litify Referral Network

  • The Litify Referral Network infrastructure can now better handle large amounts of data
  • Referrals with very large settlement values (>= 1 billion dollars) now sync successfully

Roles component

  • Roles component now displays the Role Sub-Category value along with Role Category within the main table view, when relevant for a given row

Data model and Lightning page layouts

  • Created a new formula field Treatment Status on the Treatment object. This field includes both the treatment and status values, and is displayed within the "Treatments" related list on the packaged Injury page layout.
  • Best practice Lightning Page Layouts for the following objects are now included in the package:
    • Insurance
    • Intake
    • Matter
    • Matter Team Role
    • Party (Account)
    • Task

Bug fixes

Matter Plan component & Task assignment fixes

  • Users can no longer select tasks on which they do not have edit permission for inclusion in a bulk edit
  • Inactive users no longer appear as options within the Assignee field
  • Users can no longer alter the applied filters or column sort when an inline edit is in progress on a task. This prevents users from saving changes to tasks which are no longer visible on screen.
  • Clicking the "select all" checkbox within the Matter Plan component will now select only visible Tasks within the task table, so that rows which are not visible cannot be bulk edited
  • Default Matter Tasks now auto-assign correctly when the relevant date field on the Matter is populated and the "Auto-add tasks when relevant dates are known" setting is enabled
  • Filtering or re-sorting Tasks within the Matter Plan component now clears any selected rows, so that rows which are not visible cannot be bulk edited
  • Default Matter Tasks which are children of other Default Matter Tasks now auto-assign correctly when the "Auto-add tasks when relevant dates are known" setting is disabled
  • Admins attempting to delete a Matter Stage from a Matter Plan are prompted to first delete any Default Matter Tasks within that stage, and any relevant Matter Stage Switches. Similarly, admins attempting to delete a Default Matter Task which is a parent to other Default Matter Tasks are prompted to first delete the child tasks. This resolves an issue which could lead to tasks being auto-assigned unpredictably.
  • The list of applied filters now separates Matter Stages correctly with a comma
  • The count of tasks visible in the component now updates correctly when the component is refreshed for any reason
  • Browser auto-complete popups no longer cover editable fields when editing a task
  • The list of stages within the filters section now refreshes when users click the refresh button within the component
  • When adding Task Sets, Tasks can no longer be assigned to users with invalid Salesforce License types

Roles component fixes

  • Addressed an unpatched Salesforce bug that prevented the Roles component from properly respecting lookup filters when creating or editing related records
  • Salesforce compound address fields now display correctly within the Roles component

Settlement Calculator component fixes

  • Values entered when creating a new Negotiation record from within the Settlement Calculator component now save properly
  • The following fields will no longer be automatically modified in relation to each other: Gross Attorney Fee, Contingency Fee Rate %, Gross Recovery, Partner Attorney Fee, Referral Partner Attorney Fee %, Net Attorney Fee
  • Settlement Calculator now shows users if financial field values do not match the expected relationships, and allows users to modify any individual value manually to bring these back into alignment

Other fixes

  • Enabling State and Country/Territory Picklists within Salesforce no longer causes errors when creating a Party from a lookup within a Litify Questionnaire
  • Fixed spelling of the default page layout for the Lien object
  • Reverted an inadvertent change to a packaged Compact layout which showed the value "1" instead of the Matter Display Name
  • Removed unnecessary LRN debug statements
  • Firms blocked from upgrading due to deleting a specific packaged report are no longer blocked
  • The AllAccount trigger now properly relies on the “Edit” object permission when keeping values in sync between Intakes and Parties

Known issues

  • If a task is added to a Matter Plan while the Matter Plan component is open, clicking Refresh within the component does not correctly update the number of tasks. Workaround: altering the filters applied will update the task count. Simply check and uncheck (or vice versa) any filter checkbox.
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