Why are Some Activity Records Not Visible?

There are a few reasons why an activity record may not be visible within the timeline:

  • The Activity Type (the type of record you are looking for) is not configured for the Timeline Object (the type of record you are looking at).
  • There is a search or filter applied which is hiding the activity record.
  • The activity record is present, but on a different page.
  • The activity record has a blank value in the field that maps to the Activity Timeline Date column.
  • The activity record is a Task record with the Task Subtype "Email." Email records should be added as an Activity Type using the EmailMessage object. (This prevents the Activity Timeline from showing duplicate email records.)
  • You do not have permission to view the record.

Why Are Encrypted Field Values Completely Hidden?

Due to limitations within Salesforce which do not allow us to access encryption settings, the Activity Timeline currently masks the full contents of encrypted fields (such as Social Security Number). 

If you normally have access to encrypted field values with only partial or no masking, you can access this information by opening the activity record in a new tab.

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