Search and Filter the List of Roles

The Roles component lets you easily find the parties you are looking for, even on intakes or matters with a long list of roles.

Search for matching text

If you know something about the role you are looking for — such as the party name, email address, or even phone or fax number — you can simply type this into the Search to Filter field on the Roles component.

The list of roles will shrink to show only those matching your search. The matching text will also be highlighted in yellow.


Filter for specific role categories

If you want to see only certain role categories in the list, simply select these from the Filter by Role dropdown menu. 

Role records matching any of the selected categories will remain in the list. Note that if a matching role is the child of another role record, the parent role will remain visible as well.

You can clear the filter by selecting the x icon in the dropdown.


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