Litify Inbox July 2020 Release

Release Notes 

Released:  July 21, 2020

Upgrade: Automatic, no installation required

Docrio Default Folder Setting Controls 

We're introducing the ability to set a default category/subcategory for all files uploaded to Docrio through Inbox. Previously all files were defaulted to 'Uncategorized' as the folder, which did not work for all customers. 

Now firms are able to decide the default folder, so if it is known that all emails & files are to be saved to a 'Correspondence' folder, that can be configured via a admin panel setting. Please reach out to your Litify representative to have this implemented. 

Updates to Navigation Elements 

Basic app navigation conventions have been updated for clarity. The user menu has been moved to the left, and the create object and search object features are aligned right. Functionality has not changed. 


Navigating back to the home screen should always be located on the upper left of the add-in, and save & confirm actions will always be located on the upper right. 


Better Preview Search Results 

Added additional context to search results preview. When user has entered a search term, fields that have been marked as the top 4 for the object in the customization panel will now be visible in the UI. This is in order to provide additional context for the searched object, so the user knows what to select. 

Search results typeahead items and full page results items will now have additional space to display the top 4 fields selected for the object. 


Search Now Respects Global Search Filters

Search is now respecting global search filters, and will no longer show filtered out records. This should remove records from search results that the user cannot click on, since they are now properly filtered out by the global search filters. 

Chatter Can Now Be Hidden 

Customers can choose to hide the Chatter component on the add-in sidepanel. This component typically sits at the bottom right of the panel. For those firms who do not wish to have this displayed on Inbox, there is now a setting in the customization page that allows users to hide the component. 


Drag and Drop Signatures to Create Contacts in SF 

Note: this is only supported on desktop app, and OWA for Firefox. 

Users can now drag and drop email signatures in their Outlook emails onto the Inbox panel and create new contacts in Litify. User can highlight the signature with their mouse, and drag it over into the panel, where a form for Contacts will appear. If the contact already exists, that information will appear populated. 

If no contact exists, the add-in will parse the data contained in the highlighted signature and place it in the appropriate fields on the Contact. 


Auto-Resolving Accounts Now Looks at Secondary Email Addresses

For auto-save features, parsing engine is now able to look at secondary email addresses in Litify contacts, rather than only looking for a match in primary email address. This allows the system to more intelligently parse contact information according to email address in Outlook. 

For specifying which field on Contact to look at, there is a backend setting that can be set by an admin. 

Backend Tracking for Emails Created via Inbox 

Possible to create a field to track which emails in Salesforce are added via Litify Inbox. This can be used for reporting purposes. For information on how to implement, please reach out to your Litify representative. 

Additional UI Improvements

Frontend framework has been upgraded to React. This should harmonize all the components and also improve performance of the add-in overall. 

Tooltips have been added or updated throughout the app for better contextualization. 

Bug Fixes

Fixed Gmail extension problem that was causing all-day events in Litify to be parsed as 5pm-5pm in Gmail calendar. 

Fixed issue that was preventing ability to save files to Docrio on Edge web browser. 

Events can be saved from desktop add-in on Exchange 2010.

"Quick Save" button now respects SalesforceDefaultsForCreate setting.

Addin drops fake "Saved" notification if Who-object doesn't have email address. Saying that email was saved, but there was no email address so it was being created but not associated with any email or contact or party. 

If you'd like to see SmartCloud Connect's full notes you can find those here

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