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Installation link

  1. Install the package for your org (production environment or Sandbox) using the correct link below:
  2. When prompted to install the package, select Install for All Users
  3. Click Upgrade and wait for an email confirming the successful install

After installing the upgraded Litify package, move on to the steps below.

Important note on upgrading from versions other than v21.1

If you are upgrading from a version of Litify older than v21.1, you may need to follow additional upgrade steps. Follow the instructions from all intermediate release notes before proceeding to the instructions below. 

Check the "Firm Sync is Paginated" box in Custom Settings

We have improved the way that the Litify Referral Network handles large amounts of data. There is one simple change required within your Litify org:

  1. From the Salesforce setup menu, select Setup


  2. Search for "custom settings" in the Quick Find box in the lefthand column, and click the Custom Settings link


  3. Find the Public Setup item in the table. Click Manage on that row.


  4. Click the Edit button


  5. Check the box labeled Firm Sync is Paginated


  6. Click the Save button


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