Docrio V3 Release Notes

Docrio V3 Release 


V3 release is what everyone has been waiting for. OCR is here! With OCR on in your organization, users can now search the contents of a document and not just the file properties. This release also has some other great features as well—Auto Merge, customizable upload columns, and bulk file actions. 

Package Link:
Production - 
Sandbox - 

 Post Install Steps 

  • New Installs - run through the steps HERE
  • V2 Upgrades - no post install steps are needed

New Features:

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) 
Using the ‘Text Content’ search field on Docrio Advanced Search; users can now perform content searches on their files within Docrio. OCR searches work on previously uploaded files, and files just uploaded. OCR works on not just text files but images too!

OCR is part of our Docrio+ offering. Please reach out to your sales representative to discuss further.  

Auto Merge
Users can now kick off merges from a button placed anywhere within Litify. No longer do users need to navigate to Docrio and use the merge button. 

More details on Auto-merge here

Customizable Upload Columns:
The Upload Modal is now customizable. Admins can now add different fields and mark them as required or not. 

Bulk File Actions
Users can now move, copy, and delete 1 or multiple files at a time. 

Resize Columns within Docrio and DocAssign
No longer will users need to rely on zooming in and out on their browser to see all the information within the Docrio Widget. You can now resize the columns within Docrio and DocAssign. 



  • Fixed issues with sum total in Salesforce Records
  • Resolved issues with Token Expiration when clicking 'Sync Organization' Button
  • Fixed issue around Copy File Action not working when file name was not changed
  • Resolved issues around adding a custom field to File Info and weird behavior that was appearing
  • Addressed Docrio hitting governor limits
  • Fixed bug where editing a file on a PC using OCR was not uploading a new version
  • Fixed issue with Bulk Download not working because of Summer 20' Release
  • Fixed issue with a custom multi-picklist field not rendering properly in Advanced Search
  • Fixed how percentages show up in tables. 
  • Fixed a bug regarding Salesforce Records extending beyond screen when using Template Builder.


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