Auto-merge is the ability to initiate a merge from anywhere within Litify, and not need to navigate to the Docrio widget and click the merge icon. 

Requirements for Auto-merge:

  • Templates must be marked as Auto-merge. The checkbox or this is located within the template builder.
  • Packets must contain ONLY Auto-merge templates

Retrieving Auto-merge URL:

Once the Auto-merge packet has been built and saved, there will be an option to copy the merge URL. 

Once the URL has been copied, it can be used to create buttons or links within Litify to initiate a merge. 


Here is an example of the URL looks like:{!litify_pm__Matter__c.Id}

Please note:

  • The URL DOES NOT include record ID’s. 
  • Wherever the button or link is placed a record ID will need to be passed in. 

Creating an Auto-merge Button:

(For this example, the Button is being placed on the matter page in the top right navigation within the highlight panel)

From the object manager, select the object where the button will appear.

Click on ‘Buttons, Links, and Actions’, from there select ‘New Action’ or ‘New Button or Link’. 

Fill out the fields according to where the button will go, and how you want things to behave.


The bottom half of the page is where the link copied from the template builder goes. 



The code was written in a way to use 15 digit salesforce record ID’s. When pasting the URL its important to use the function for converting the 15 digit salesforce record ID, to 18. Otherwise, the merged document will NOT show up correctly on the record. 

  • The function for this is: {!CASESAFEID(id)}

Using the example URL above, when that is pasted in and the function is added, this is what it will look like:{!CASESAFEID(litify_pm__Matter__c.Id)}


Update Page Layout:

Once the button has been created, it has to be added to the page layout. 

Within the lightning app builder, click into the Highlight Panel. Check off the box for ‘Enable Dynamic Actions’. 

Under the heading for Actions, use the ‘Add Actions’ button to add the desired actions that will show up in the highlights panel. The previously created button for the Auto-merge action can be found in this actions list. Once you have all the actions added, click save in the top right.


Navigate back to the page and see the updated changes. The Auto-merge button should be present, and when clicked an Auto-merge will be initiated. 


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