This is a minor release following Matters + Intakes v22.4. See the v22.4 Release Notes for details on other feature improvements and bug fixes which are also included in this minor release.

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Bug fixes 

  • Resolved an issue where some Referrals were unable to sync properly to Referrals Pro due to missing data (Handling Firm value and associated Referral Transaction).
    • This issue only affected firms using custom solutions for generating Referrals, as well as firms which created Referrals from the LRN web app rather than from Referrals Pro.
    • Existing Referrals which are missing this data will be fixed retroactively by this release.

Known issues

  • Matters which have no assigned Matter Plan, but which have been assigned specific Stages via a custom automation or data load, will see a Matter Plan selection list when viewing the Matter Plan component (“Task Inline Editor”) instead of the assigned Stages and Tasks.
    • This is a rare scenario related to customization or data migration into Litify, and does not affect firms using standard Matter Plan assignments.
    • The recommended workaround for affected firms is to add the legacy Matter Plan component to your Matter Lightning page layout:
      1. Navigate to a Matter record page
      2. Click the Salesforce setup menu (gear icon) > select Edit Page
      3. Navigate to the tab where your users view the Matter Plan component
      4. In the left hand column, search for “Matter Plan Component” and drag this component into the correct tab
      5. Optionally, remove the current Matter Plan components by selecting them and clicking remove (trash can icon) on the top right corner. The component names are:
        • Matter Plan Status
        • Task Inline Editor
  • The Questionnaires settings screen within Litify Setup—where users can import/export Questionnaires—is not loading properly in Orgs on 22.4/22.5
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