Orgs upgrading to Matters + Intakes v22.5 from v21.1 or later will need to complete numerous post-install steps. Ideally, admins should complete all upgrade steps in order to have the best experience, but we understand that it can be time consuming and overwhelming to do so. This article is an outline of the bare minimum steps needed to ensure functioning. Click the link for the version your organization is currently using, and complete the necessary steps for all subsequent versions. 

Releases with required steps:


  • None of the steps for 18.7 are required; however, they are strongly recommended. 
  • Find the recommended steps here


  • There are no required steps for this release, but the optional steps are recommended. 
  • Optional Instructions
    • If your organization does not use default Litify record page layouts and default Litify user permission sets, some additional configuration for these new features may be required. 
      • Settlement Calculator:  Add the settlementCalculator custom lightning component to your record pages and save. 
      • Default Matter Alerts: See the Admin Guide on how to create custom matter alerts based on key fields. 
      • Notes: See the Admin Guide on how to add Notes as a related list to your record pages. 


  • There are no required steps for this release, but we strongly suggest enabling share settings 
  • How to Enable shared settings 
      1. Navigate to Setup > Sharing Settings > Edit
      2. Find the Activity object. 
      3. Select Controlled by Parent in the Default Internal Access dropdown.


  • There are no required steps for this upgrade
  • We recommend adding the new objects to your page layout by following the steps here


  • We strongly recommend adding the party roles component:
  • Add Party Roles Component Lightning Record Page Layouts
  • To take advantage of the new Party Roles component you will need to update the Intakes and Matters Lightning Record Page Layouts.
  1. Navigate to Intakes.
  2. Select an Intake Name.
  3. Select Setup > Edit Page.
  4. Create a Parties Tab in the main body of the record.
  5. Find the Party Roles custom component.
  6. Drag the Party Roles custom component into the layout.parties12.jpeg
  7. Save
  8. Repeat for Matters.

You can remove the old intakeMatterRoles component from the layout now or once your team is used to the new Parties experience.


  • You must log back into LRN
  • All other steps are recommended for the best experience, find them here




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