Resolving Issues with Third Party App "Sortable Data Grids"

The Salesforce Winter '21 update has caused issues with third party AppExchange app, "Sortable Data Grids," which is installed by some Litify clients within their Salesforce orgs. 

Sortable Data Grid is a component which allows users to sort and filter data within the Lightning Experience. It is often used as a replacement for a Related List, and allows users to create a new grid which shows filtered results and/or enhanced button functionality in the UI.

IMPORTANT: Sortable Data Grid not a Litify product, nor is it supported by Litify. This article is for Litify users who are affected by the issue. 

How to know if Sortable Data Grids is in use:

  • To check whether your organization uses Sortable Data Grids, click the Salesforce setup cog in the upper right corner of Litify. 
  • Type "installed packages" into the Quick Find search bar > click installed packages.
  • Look for "Sortable Datagrid" in the list.image__9_.png

Steps to resolve issues if Sortable Data Grids is installed:

System admins should take the following steps to ensure the component continues to load correctly:

  • From the Salesforce setup menu, navigate to Users Permission Sets 
  • Scroll to find View Sortable Data Grids, click Clone
  • Rename the permission set (this can be anything) and click Save
  • Navigate back to the Permission Sets page > click the cloned version of View Sortable Data Grids
  • Click Apex Class Access under the Apps section
  • Scroll to sortablegrid.sdgController > Check the box to enable > Save
  • Assign the new permission set to all affected users
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