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Upgrade steps

Matters + Intakes v22.4 does not require any additional upgrade steps if you are upgrading from v21.1 or 21.2.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, please follow the upgrade steps for Matters + Intakes v21.1 and any other previous versions. 


New and improved features 

Matter Plan Assignment

  • Existing Matters without a Matter Plan can now have one assigned to them. This will appear below the Stage view within the Matter.



New Notes Icon

  • The Litify Notes icon has been updated.  LItify_Note.png


Bug fixes

Chatter Post Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which caused URLs in Chatter posts to trigger an error message. 
  • Resolved an issue which caused links to other records in a Chatter post to be overwritten. 

Intakes API Fixes

  • Made backend changes to preemptively fix an issue with guest user permissions, which will be affected by the Salesforce Winter '21 update. See this article for more information on the changes. 
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the Intakes API from upserting Party data when matching new clients to an existing Party record via email address. 

Litify Referrals Network Fixes

  • Added a post-install script to automatically update LRN settings after installing M+I v22.4 so Admins do not have to manually update settings. 

Matter Field Description

  • Added a description to the Matter field used in reports as a "Power of One" field to avoid confusion with similarly named fields on the Matter object. 

Matter Task Fixes 

  • Resolved an issue where marking Tasks as completed within the Matter Plan component caused all unsaved changes to save automatically. 
  • Fixed an issue where completed Tasks were reassigned when changing the User in a Matter Team Role. Task reassignment will now only impact active Tasks.
  • Resolved a bug where Matter Plans showed an incorrect Task count. Task counts will now be accurate at all times. 

Questionnaire Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Intake Questionnaire Output and downloaded PDF could show the Intake questions out of order.

Settlement Calculator Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where a repeating decimal would cause the Settlement Calculator to report an error.

Miscellaneous Security Fixes

  • Implemented numerous security improvements to comply with Salesforce and Litify best practices.  

Known Issues

Refer Out Issue

  • After referring a Matter out using the Refer Out Litify Action, information about the Referral is missing from the Litify Actions panel.

Stages but no Matter Plan Issue

  • Matters which have no assigned Matter Plan, but which have been assigned specific Stages via a custom automation or data load, will see a Matter Plan selection list when viewing the Matter Plan component (“Task Inline Editor”) instead of the assigned Stages and Tasks.
    • This is a rare scenario related to customization or data migration into Litify, and does not affect firms using standard Matter Plan assignments.
    • The recommended workaround for affected firms is to add the legacy Matter Plan component to your Matter Lightning page layout:
      1. Navigate to a Matter record page
      2. Click the Salesforce setup menu (gear icon) > select Edit Page
      3. Navigate to the tab where your users view the Matter Plan component
      4. In the left hand column, search for “Matter Plan Component” and drag this component into the correct tab
      5. Optionally, remove the current Matter Plan components by selecting them and clicking remove (trash can icon) on the top right corner. The component names are:
        • Matter Plan Status
        • Task Inline Editor

Questionnaires Settings Screen Issue

  • The Questionnaires settings screen within Litify Setup—where users can import/export Questionnaires—is not loading properly in Orgs on 22.4/22.5
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