Matters + Intakes v22.4: Litify Intakes API "Created By" User Change

The Salesforce Winter '21 seasonal release restricts permissions for guest users. Matters + Intakes v22.4 ensures that the Litify Intakes API remains compatible with these new permissions.

Firms on v22.4 or later may notice that Intakes and Parties posted via the Intakes API are now attributed to a different "Created By" User. These records are now Created By the User who initially set up the Litify MDAPI.

This change does not impact the core functionality of the Litify Intakes API. 

Potential Impact on Reporting & Suggested Solutions

Firms which report separately on Intakes generated via the Intakes API may need to update existing reports, since they can no longer assume that these records will be created by the Intakes API Guest User. Several options exist:

  1. If the admin user who set up the MDAPI is not someone who normally creates Intakes, firms can simply update existing reports to filter by this User (rather than the previous Guest User)
  2. Firms who track Intakes API vendors as distinct Sources can leverage the Source value to differentiate Intakes API posts from Intakes created through other methods
  3. Firms can implement a foolproof distinction by setting up a new custom "Intake Mapper" Custom Metadata Type that maps a boolean value to a custom checkbox field on the Intake, such as "Created with Intakes API"
    • Note: This method requires that Intakes API integration partners post this new value with all incoming Intakes
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