Spotlight on: Activity Timeline

Released in July 2020, the Activity Timeline is a window into everything you need to know about a Matter (or Intake, or any other record!). 

Are you getting the most out of this flexible tool? Here are a few key ways to use it!

Filter to Find What You Need

The default Activity Timeline view shows you every kind of activity set up for Matters in your org, but you can easily slim down this list.


You want to verify that requested medical records have been provided, and also see any notes that were entered after those records were reviewed. 


Filter to show only the Requests and Litify Notes activities. You can narrow things even further by searching only for records containing relevant keywords, like “patient” or “injury.”Screen_Shot_2020-10-22_at_12.10.10_PM.png

View and Edit Activities Inline

Once you find what you’re looking for, there’s no need to leave the timeline to get more details. You can even edit these details within the timeline.


You want to drill down into more detail about an activity.


Click the activity name to slide open the Activity Timeline. Click any field, or the pencil (edit) icon to edit the record.



Admins can allow (or prevent) users from editing specific activity types when configuring the timeline with the Activity Timeline Setup Assistant. See here for instructions.

Learn More about the Activity Timeline

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