Known Issue: Intakes API Errors

Product and Version Impacted

  • Matters + Intakes
  • v22.7

Issue Summary

Matters + Intakes v22.7 has triggered Intakes API errors for some users. Please see this list of common errors, their meaning, and steps to resolve below. 

API Calls are failing with this response:

Status: 400 {
  “message”: “message”: \“Callout loop not allowed\“,\“logId\“:null,
  “logId”: null,
  “isSuccess”: false,
  “intakeId”: null,
  “accountId”: null


If users receive this error when submitting to the Intakes API, it means the Litify MDAPI needs to be re-authenticated. The MDAPI is a crucial component of Litify's operating system.The MDAPI authenticated user is responsible for creating Intakes/Parties when posts are made to the API.

Have a Salesforce/Litify Admin follow the steps in this article to resolve: Setting Up MDAPI.

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