Product and Version Impacted

  • Matters + Intakes
  • v22.7

Issue Summary

Some users are receiving the following error message after upgrading to Salesforce Winter '21/Matters + Intakes v22.7:

  • Upsert failed. First exception on row 2; first error: STRING_TOO_LONG, Full Details: data value too large: PostNewReferralsScheduler:[AbstractScheduler.interval=300,, config=Config:[ENDPOINT_GET_ALL_ORGANIZATIONS=/a

This error occurs when Users either aren't signed in to or don't use the Litify Referrals Network.


Users who aren't signed in to LRN

To solve this error, log in to LRN via the Litify Setup page. See full instructions HERE. 


Users who don't use LRN

Users can disregard the error in cases where the Org isn't using LRN. This error only appears when upgrading or installing Litify, or when trying to modify LRN Settings.

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