Docrio v4 Post Install Steps

There is a post install script which will run as part of upgrading from an older version of Docrio. It is VITAL that no users interact with Docrio while this script is running. We recommend upgrading during off-hours or on the weekend to ensure this.
  • To monitor the progress of the post install script, go to Setup > Apex Jobs, and look for the entry for the CategoryConversionBatch apex class. You can monitor the progress by noting the Batches Processed in comparison to the Total Batches.

Post-Install Steps

The following page layouts need to be updated:

  • Merge Input Object > Merge Input Page Layout > add ‘Times Merged’ field
  • File Info Object > File Info Page Layout > Add ‘Latest Version’, ‘Latest Version Source’, and ‘Latest Version Rollup
  • If you have Docrio+ and have OCR enabled for your org, add ‘OCR Compatible’ to your File Info Page Layout as well.

Page layouts can be updated by clicking the Setup Cog   > Object Manager > Page Layout on the left menu.


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