Docrio v4.8 Release Notes

Version: 4.8
Release Date: 12/15/2020
Note: if you are upgrading from Docrio v3.0 or earlier, update the Docrio Electron App first, then follow the post-install steps linked below. For versions older than v3.0, be sure to follow BOTH sets of steps.

There are no post-install steps if you're upgrading from v4.0 or v4.6.1.

From v3.0 or earlier From v2.5.1 or earlier

Production Link: Contact your CSM for the links to this exciting upgrade!
Sandbox Link: Contact your CSM for the links to this exciting upgrade!

Upgrade Guide
Upgrade Steps

There's a post-install script which will run as part of the upgrade process from an older version of Docrio. It is VITAL that users do not interact with Docrio while this script is running. We recommend upgrading during off-hours or on the weekend to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • To monitor the progress of the post install script, go to Setup > Apex Jobs, and look for the entry for the CategoryConversionBatch apex class. You can monitor the progress by noting the Batches Processed in comparison to the Total Batches.

Docrio Electron App v2.6.0



Bug Fixes

  • [v4.8] Fixed a bug where deleting folders on a Matter was ALSO causing folders on Intakes to be deleted.
  • [v4.8] Fixed a bug with Template Builder where adding an existing Salesforce Record Input would cause the screen to go blank.
  • [v4.6.1] Fixed an issue where the File Info Panel was not loading quickly when a file name was clicked on
  • [v4.6.1] Fixed an issue where a javascript error was quickly appearing and then disappearing when Docrio file viewer loaded.
  • [v4.6.1] Fixed an issue related to Winter '21 and building Templates. When building templates if you selected a SF Record, closed out, and then selected SF field, an error was thrown.

New Features 

  • Bulk Merge

    • Ability to merge packet(s) across multiple records at once

  • Ability to clone a template

  • Added tracking to show how a file is entered into Docrio

  • Improved Docrio Setup process

    • Added optimization so that when Docrio default view is set to List, a matter with thousands of files no longer fails to load.
    • Added optimization to the time it takes to perform complex merges
  • Improvements to DocAssign

    • Users can now toggle between a 'My Files' view and a 'All Files' view within DocAssign
    • Added alerts letting a user know if their DocAssign folder has changed, or the app can not be synced correctly
    • Added Offline Syncing to the DocAssign Desktop Folder. If a user places files in the DocAssign app, but is not logged into the electron app. When they open the app and login, DocAssign will sync and upload any new files added.
  • Updated the Docrio Electron App so the history tabs for DocAssign and Docrio Edit clear when users log out of the app.

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