Docrio Folders Upgrade Guide

Docrio v4 introduces an exciting new way to organize your documents within Litify. Folders allows you to create as many folders as you want, whenever you want! This intuitive system gives you the ability to nest your folders as many layers deep as you need them, while the Folder Path ensures you never get lost while looking for a document.

Follow the five easy steps in this article to take your document management to the next level with Docrio v4!

1. Install After Hours

It's crucial to install Docrio v4 when users are not accessing files. There's a post-install script which runs as part of the upgrade process. It's VITAL that users do not interact with Docrio while the post-install script is running.

This is why you MUST upgrade to Docrio v4 after hours or on the weekend!

2. Follow the Post-Install Steps to Add Fields to Page Layouts

Follow the upgrade steps outlined in this article to add the necessary fields to your page layouts.

3. Assign Folder Actions Permissions

Folder Actions are permissions based. Follow the steps in this article to assign permissions to the appropriate users.

Note: some Folder Actions permissions also require File Actions permissions. This is outlined in more detail in the article.

4. Create Folder Templates

Docrio Folders includes the ability to set a predefined folder structure to be applied to a record at the time of record creation. This predefined folder structure is what we refer to as a Folder Template. Follow the steps in this article to create Folder Templates for your organization.

5. Upgrade the Docrio Electron App to the newest version: v2.6.1

This step is recommended to get the most out of DocAssign and Docrio Edit. Read more about the Docrio Electron App here.

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