Attach Documents to Outgoing Referrals as the Originating Firm

There are three ways to attach documents to outgoing Referrals in Litify Referrals Pro:

Directly from a Referral

Referring out an Intake or Matter

Adding Documents to an Existing Referral

Attaching Documents Directly to a New Referral

From Litify Home > click the down arrow next to Referrals in the top bar > click New Referral  > fill out the necessary client information > Next. 

You'll be directed to an 'Attach Documents' window. From here you can select up to 20 documents to upload to the Referral. Each document must be less than 25MB in size.

Note: you MUST leave the modal open while the documents upload to LRN


Referring Out an Intake or Matter

From an Intake or Matter page, you will see 'Refer Out' listed as an action in a panel on the right > Click Refer Out > Select your desired Handling Firm OR use the new Firm Finder feature to search for one.

Then you'll be directed to the 'Attach Documents' Window > Click the Upload Files button > Select up to 20 files size 25 mb or smaller to upload > Continue > Allow the files to upload > Done. 


After the Referral is sent, users who can view the Access Documents Litify Action will be able to view and modify the attached files. Users with the originating firm (sender of the Referral) can:

  • remove attached documents up until the handling firm clicks Investigate
  • add additional documents up until the handling firm clicks Sign Up

Users can also download attached files or save them as Salesforce Files to the associated Referral record, either individually or in bulk from the Access Documents window.



Add Documents to an Existing Referral 

You can add documents to an existing Referral via the Actions Panel on the right.

Note: files can only be added to Referrals which have been synced to LRN and sent to a Handling firm, but which haven't been Investigated or Signed Up by the Handling Firm. You'll also have the option to 'Attach Files,' 'Download Selected' as a zip file, or 'Add Selected to Salesforce Files.' You can perform these actions both individually and in bulk.

Click Access Documents > Click Attach Files > Select up to 20 files less than 25 MB each > Wait for the 'Success' banner to appear > Click Close. 


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