Using the 'Log Time As' Permission in Timekeeping

'Log Time As' enables Users to log Time Entries on behalf of other Users. This ability is permission-based—Users must be granted permission to access the Time Entries object via Salesforce setup, and Users must have permission to log time on behalf of others in Time Tracking Admin Settings.

Granting Permission

To enable another User to log time on your behalf, click Manage Profile from the Time Tracking app > Scroll to 'Team' > Ensure 'Can Log Time As Me' is selected > Click Add Access > Search for the proper User > Click Grant Access


View Users Who've Granted You Permission to Log Time As

To view Users who have granted you permission to log time on their behalf, click 'I Can Log Time As.'


How to Log Time as Another User

From the Time Tracking App, click the Down Arrow   next to your username > Click the User for whom you'd like to log a Time Entry


On a Specific Date

Click the Plus Icon (+) on the date the Time Entry occurred > Fill out the required information > Save.


From the 'Add Time Entry' Button

Click the '+ Add Time Entry' button > Fill out the required information (including Date) > Save.


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