Why do I need a Litify Referrals Network Account?

All firms using Litify Referrals, Intakes, or Matters must register an account on Litify Referrals Network in order to sync appropriate data with LRN. This ensures that you are able to send intakes and matters as referrals if you determine they are not right for your firm.

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Why can't I create an Intake from a referral?

Users expect to see the Create Intake action on received referrals. However, Users might encounter referrals with a status of "Signed Up" with no Litify Actions available.

If you use both LRN web app and Litify Referrals Pro, we advise that you only use Litify Referrals Pro to manage referrals rather than both systems together. If you use both systems, you'll encounter issues such as a signed up referral with no Litify Actions.

Solution: Create an intake independently from the referral and connect the two records. Populate the Intake field on the Referral and the Referral field on the Intake to connect them.

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