Latest Version: 23.3
Release Date: 11/16/2020

Production Link:

Sandbox Link:

Upgrade Steps

New Features

Referral Documents

Introducing the ability to attach documents to Referrals!

  • When working with an incoming referral, download documents or save them to Salesforce Files from the Referral, Intake, or Matter!
  • See Upgrade Steps for more information about the following:
    • Permissions required to attach & access documents on Referrals
    • Minor changes to packaged page layouts for the Referral and Referral Transaction objects

LRN Firm Finder

Easily find new Litify Referral Network partners with the LRN Firm Finder

  • Search for firms by name, firm statement, contacts, practice areas, location, and more
  • Access the Firm Finder (part of the LRN web app) with a single click when creating a Referral



General Referrals Improvements

  • Raised the limit on newly created Referrals which could be sent per sync cycle from 2 to 50.
    • Created a new checkbox field called "Scheduled for Send" on Referral object. This value is not visible to users and should not be modified directly.
  • Streamlined the Referral creation process so users no longer need to add fee agreement information for each referral
  • When creating a new referral using the standard Litify interface, or creating a Referral from an Intake or Matter, the new Referral will now be sent to LRN immediately, rather than waiting for the next sync

Activity Timeline Filters Out Duplicate Events

  • For Events with attendees who are fellow Litify users, Activity Timeline will now show only the original event created by the event owner
  • Duplicate "child" event copies will be hidden from the Activity Timeline

Matter Plan Component UX Improvements

  • The Filters section is now collapsed by default.
  • If a Matter Plan includes more than six stages, these stage names will now be split across multiple columns in the Filters section.

Other Improvements

  • Numerous behind-the-scenes changes to implement Salesforce security best practices
  • Added an additional Apex class to the "Litify Apex Class Access" Permission Set
    • Reminder: New users added to your Litify org must be assigned this permission set following changes made by Salesforce Winter '21. See this article for more information.
  • Removed "Support" tab linking to the previous Litify help site from the Litify package. Users in need of support should instead visit

Bug Fixes

  • Hitting the save button twice when using a Matter Stage switch no longer duplicates the appended Matter Plan 
  • Closed a loophole where Referrals could be sent without client contact information 
  • Resolved an issue where Referral data was cached incorrectly when creating two Referrals in quick succession 
  • Resolved an issue that prevented creation of error logs when the log content was too long

Known issues

  • When an upload of Referral Documents does not succeed, the 'Access Documents' modal may fail to log the error (but will indicate the failure to the user)
  • If a user navigates away from the page while uploading documents to a Referral, the partial uploads will count against the total count of documents on the Referral (maximum of 20) for up to an hour
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