Litify Referrals Network (LRN) v4 Release Notes

Litify Referrals Network (LRN) Web App v4 includes exciting new features and improvements for users.

Latest Version: 4.0.0
Release Date: 11/16/2020


New Features

Introducing the ability to attach documents to Referrals!

  • Attach up to 20 documents (up to 25 MB each) to outbound Referrals


  • Download documents from inbound referrals after choosing to 'Investigate' them
  • See the number of documents associated with inbound referrals before choosing to 'Investigate'
  • Learn more about working with documents on referrals:

LRN Firm Finder

Easily find new Litify Referral Network partners with the LRN Firm Finder! 



  • Streamlined the Referral creation process so users no longer need to add fee agreement information for each referral
  • UX improvements when creating a new referral 
  • Improved search performance and accuracy for firms with large numbers of existing referrals

Known Issues

  • If a user navigates away from the page while uploading documents to a Referral, the partial uploads will count against the total count of documents on the Referral (maximum of 20) for up to an hour
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