Docrio's folder structure allows users to have as many folders as they'd like. Create folders as needed, or move and copy folders within a record or to a different one.

Navigating Folders

Navigating Docrio's Folder Structure is extremely intuitive!


Glossary of New Terms

Parent Folder
Parent Folder is a field on on the File Info Object which indicates the location of a file or folder.
Folder Path
The Folder Path is the full path of where the file is located within a record's Folder Structure. Each ‘/’ denotes a level down in the folder path.
The last part of the Folder Path will always be the Parent Folder.


Document Category and Document Subcategory are still fields within the File Info Object. They just no longer dictate a folder or category structure within a record.

Create a Folder

Folders can be created upon record creation, as long as there is a Folder Template which matches the record.

Users can also create a folder if they have been assigned Create Folder action as part of their permission set. Users with permission to create folders will see a folder icon in the top right corner of the Docrio File Viewer.


Clicking the folder icon will open the 'Create a New Folder' modal.

Note: Make sure you are already on the location of where you want the folder to go within Docrio. You can not specify the folder location in the Modal.
Ex: If you want to create a folder titled ‘Police Report’ within the folder ‘Accident Report,’ you need to clicked into Accident Report before you click the create folder button.


Rename a Folder

Renaming folders is another permission-based action within the Folder Actions menu.

Renaming a folder will cause it to be renamed everywhere the folder is referenced. All Parent Folder fields and all Folder Paths will be updated to reflect the new name.


Move and Copy Folders

Move and Copy are permission based actions that a user can have within Docrio. These actions are managed within Docrio Admin Settings > Folder Actions.

Important Note:

Move and Copy FILE actions are necessary for a user to have in order for the user to also be able to move and copy folders.

Users can find Move and Copy within the actions dropdown to the right of the folder name.


When you move or copy a folder, all nested folders and all files within are moved/copied as well.

Just like with files, Move and Copy can be done within the same record or to a different one. They're also available as bulk actions, meaning Users can move or copy multiple folders at once. Simply check the boxes to the left of the folder name, just as you would with files.

Move a folder within a record:


Copy a folder within a record:


Move a folder to a different record:


Copy a folder to a different record:


Delete a Folder

Deleting folders is an action assigned to a user within Folder Actions within Docrio Admin Settings.

A user must also have the Delete File action in order to delete folders. This is because any sub-folders and files contained within the deleted folder will also be deleted.


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