With the release of LRN v4, LRN web app users can now attach documents to Referrals. This article covers adding documents to new and existing Referrals, and managing the documents on existing referrals. 

Adding Documents While Sending a Referral

Users can add up to 20 documents to each Referral. Each document can be up to 25 MB in size.

The New Referral window will prompt users to (optionally) attach documents to an outgoing Referral. Click Upload Documents > Select the relevant documents > Click Next 


Select a Handling Firm to receive the Referral, or use Firm Finder to search for one


Click Next > Choose how the Referral will be sent > Next > Review the information > Send.

Be sure the keep the window open while the Referral is sending!


Once the Handling Firm receives the Referral, they will be able to see the number of attached documents, but will not be able to view or download the documents until they choose to Investigate the case.

Read more about how Handling Firms use case documents HERE.

Adding or Removing Documents from an Existing Referral

When viewing an existing outbound Referral, users will see a section titled 'Documents,' and a table which displays all documents which have been uploaded to the Referral.


From here, users can remove documents from existing outbound (sent) Referrals up until the Handling Firm chooses to Investigate the Referral.

Additional documents can be added to existing outbound Referrals up until the Handling Firm chooses to Sign Up the Referral.

If the Referral is declined or turned down, users with the Originating Firm will regain the ability to add or remove documents. 

Note: Documents will expire 30 days after a Referral is signed up. This expiration date will be visible above the Documents table. Firms must download files within this 30 day window.
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