Download Documents from a Referral as the Handling Firm on the LRN Web App

With the release of LRN v4, users can now attach and download documents from Referrals. This article outlines how to view and download documents from an incoming Referral on the LRN Web App.

For instructions on attaching documents to an outgoing Referral, please see this article.

Before Investigating a Referral

Users will be able to see the number of documents attached to an incoming Referral, but will not be able to view or download the documents until selecting Investigate. To see the number of documents:

Click the Referral number, or else Click the down arrow      on an inbound Referral > click View Details. The number of documents appears on the details page within the 'Documents' section.

If there are no documents, the 'Documents' section will not appear.  


Investigating a Referral

Users must Investigate an incoming Referral in order to view or download documents. Click Investigate at the top of the page > Confirm > Scroll down to see the attached documents beneath the 'Documents' header.


Downloading Documents

Once a Referral has been Investigated, users will be able to download the attached documents. Click the download icon on a document in the 'ACTIONS' column to download documents individually. 

MI_feature_download_LRN_3.gif Alternatively, users can download a .zip file of all attached documents:

Click the checkbox on the left next to name to select all documents > Click the download icon on any of the documents to download the bulk zip file


After Investigating

After Investigating the Referral, but before Signing Up, the Originating Firm can still attach additional documents. Users will be able to see the date the document was uploaded. Once a user clicks 'Sign Up,' the Originating Firm can no longer make changes to the documents.

After Signing Up

Documents will expire 30 days after a Referral is signed up. Users will see this information in the Document section. Firms must download files within this 30 day window.

Documents will also expire once the status of the Referral is updated to "settled," "won," or "lost."


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