Download Documents from Incoming Referrals as the Handling Firm

Matters + Intakes v23 introduced the ability to attach and download documents from Referrals. This article will cover the ways to Download and Save documents from incoming Referrals as the Handling firm. For a guide on attaching documents to referrals, see this article.

Before Investigating a Referral

Incoming Referrals will show the number of attached documents in the '# Documents' field. Before choosing to 'Investigate' the Referral, Users will only be able to see the number of documents. The documents can't be viewed or downloaded until a User clicks Investigate.

Note: the '# Documents' field updates when the Referral is synced with LRN, which happens on a regular schedule. As a result, there may be a short delay between the Originating Firm adding documents to a referral, and the field being updated.


Once a Referral has been Investigated

When a User clicks Investigate, the Actions Panel will refresh to reveal the 'Create Intake' action and new action 'Access Documents.' If there are no documents, the 'Access Documents' action will NOT appear. 


Note: only Users with the Litify Action Access Incoming Referral Documents Permission will see the 'Access Documents' action. This permission was automatically added to the Litify Power User and Litify Intakes Agent permissions sets.
If your org uses custom permissions sets, this permission MUST be added in order for Users to view and download documents. Read more HERE.

Once a User clicks Access Documents your Org will have 30 days to save or download the documents. 

Downloading Documents

Clicking Access Documents will open the document window, where Users will be able to see the file names and types, as well as Download or Save the Documents to Salesforce Files. All of the files will be selected by default. To download all of the documents in a zip file, click the Download Selected button.


To download documents individually, uncheck the documents you don't want to download > click Download Selected. Alternatively, click the Download Icon on the file you'd like to download. 


Saving Documents to Salesforce Files

From the Access Documents window > click 'Add Selected to Salesforce Files' to save all documents to Salesforce Files. 


Alternatively, files can also be added individually by selecting only the desired file and clicking 'Add Selected to Salesforce Files' or by clicking the + icon on the file you wish to save. 


Note: Saving to Docrio is NOT supported at this time (Matters + Intakes v23 and Docrio v4)

Downloading Documents from Matters or Intakes

All of the 'Access Documents' action on Matters and Intakes with associated documents. The Documents window has the same features it has on the Referral object.

Accessing Documents from a Closed Matter

Once a Matter is Closed, it must be reopened in order to access the attached documents. If the closed Matter came from LRN, it cannot be reopened.

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