Introducing Timekeeping—the simplest way to track and analyze billable time in Litify. Whether you're tracking via desktop or via mobile app, Timekeeping is the most powerful tool for visualizing your team's billable hours. 

Reach out to your Litify representative to learn more on what Timekeeping can do for you! 

Latest Version: 1.0
Release Date: 11/11/2020


Timer Stopwatch 

With the new Timer in the Utility Bar, you can track your time while you work from anywhere within Salesforce. Use the Stopwatch to track your time live, or manually create entries if you're logging time for a past date. 

  • Time entries are grouped by day, so you can see what you've done throughout the past week.
  • Manually add new time entries or edit existing ones for complete control over your hours.
  • Search within the Timer UI for relevant records to associate new time entries with the specific record you're working on.
  • New with Timekeeping—The Timer is also available on the Salesforce 1 app with all the same features, so you can conveniently create entries on the go from your your mobile device!

Time Sheets

Each user will have a personal Time Sheet where they can manage their time entries and access the entries of other users they have permissions for. 

  • View time entries grouped by day, and jump to a specific week to see previous work.
  • Add new time entries or make changes to existing ones individually or via a bulk update feature.
  • Manage your rates so you always have accurate billing information on hand.
  • Create time entries for other users and manage who can log time on your behalf.

View Entries According to their Related Record

With Timekeeping comes best in class transparency. All time entries for a specific Matter are displayed on that Matter, where you can interact with and manage them from a top-down perspective. Total hours and billing are summed up and displayed to contextualize billing on a case. 

  • Manage existing entries related to a matter, or create new ones.
  • The customizable data table provides flexibility on what fields you want to display.
  • Bulk update Time Entries to quickly make adjustments across the board. 
  • Export time entries into a .CSV format. 

Admin Settings 

Customize your Timekeeping experience according to your firm's needs with our flexible platform.

  • Adjust your sharing permissions for Time Entries and Rates. 
  • Define settings related to Time Entry billing. 
  • Admin tools for managing User Permissions, Rates, and Log Time As access.
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