LRN Firm Finder allows Users to search for new Referral partners by name, firm statement, case types, location, and more.

The New Referral window will give users the option to use Firm Finder during firm selection. Click the Firm Finder button, which will open Firm Finder in a new tab.

Users can search within Firm Finder using the following filters:

  • Search
    • Type in a Firm Name, Firm Statement, or Firm Contact
  • Location Filters
    • State
    • City
  • Practice Filters
    • Practice Area(s)
    • Firm Size


Users can start a new search by clicking the 'Clear Filters' button.


Once the perfect firm is found, return to the Referral tab > Enter the newly discovered firm into the search bar on the New Referral window > Continue creating the Referral as normal. 

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