The Timer is a key feature of Time Tracking that allows timekeepers to easily track how much time they spend on a task. Timekeepers can use the Timer to track the time they spend working within Litify and then associate their Time Entry with the proper record. Timekeepers can also manually add Time Entries by clicking the + icon on a specific date.

Tracking Time with the Timer

Accessing the Timer

The Timer can be found in the Utility Bar of the Time Tracking app, or within the Utility Bar of the custom app which was created during the Time & Billing post-Install steps.

You can adjust which duration the Timer uses to display time in the Time & Billing Settings, under Time Preferences > Duration Format. This is also where you can adjust other settings related to Time Tracking, like if Time Entries should be rounded (and if so how should they be rounded). Learn about these settings in our configuration article


The Timer can also be opened in its own window, which allows Users to access their Time Entries from anywhere on their computer. Do this using the expand icon at the top right if the Timer. 

For firms on v4 of Time & Billing, timekeepers can start the Timer from the Time Entry list on a matter or in the Time Tracking app. To do so, click the play button next to the entry you'd like to start a Timer for (see image below). This Timer will continue to run in the background while you work, until you stop the Timer. 


Starting a Time Entry with the Timer

To start tracking a new Time Entry with the Timer, click the big Play button in the Timer window. The window can then be minimized and the running timer will display in the Utility Bar.


Timers can also be started from within an existing matter. As long as you remain logged in as the same users, started Timers will stay with you as you navigate around the platform. In order to take advantage of this functionality you will need to have the Timer widget added to the utility bar. If the widget is not added to the utility bar, these features will appear but will not function properly. For more information on editing the utility bar, please see our related article

Pausing the Timer

Pause a Time Entry by clicking on the running Timer in the Utility Bar and clicking the pause button. Users will see the prompt “What are you working on? What are you doing?” if they haven't entered the required details to Save the Entry. 


Saving a Time Entry

Users must add any required information before saving a record. Required details can be controlled by Admins within Time Tracking Admin Settings, located in the Navigation Bar. To add this information:

  1. Click on a paused entry.
    • Alternatively, click Edit on a running entry.
  2. Enter the necessary information.
  3. Click Save.


Every time a running Timer is edited, the duration is paused while edits are taking place and will only continue once the entry is resumed. Keep in mind that when editing a Timer entry, any auto-assign Rate logic that has been configured will still be applied.

Resuming an Entry

Time Entries can be resumed by clicking the Play button on their right. You can also resume an Entry by clicking Continue within the Edit menu.

Time Entries from previous days can also be resumed; however, they will be cloned for the current day. This feature saves time spent adding details to save repeat entries. 

Searching for a Primary Record with the Timer

Users can also use the Timer to search if you know you want to create a time entry for a particular record. 

  1. Click the Search icon in the upper right of the Timer. unnamed__57_.png
  2. Type a Record name.
  3. Click the play button to start a new Timer. 
    • Clicking the plus button will start a new Timer Entry. This will prompt you to add information before you save it.

Manually Adding Time Entries

Manually Adding Time Entries on Today

Users can add Entries manually by clicking the Plus Icon (+) on the date, entering the required details, and clicking Save. 


Use the buttons to the right and left of the Duration field to easily adjust the time in increments. 


Adding Time Entries for a Past Date in the Same Week

Time Entries can be added to an earlier day of the week by scrolling down to the desired date and clicking the Plus Icon (+), then entering the required details, and clicking Save.


Adding Time Entries for a Previous Week 

To add Time Entries for a previous week, use the arrow icon (<) to navigate back to the desired week, then scroll to find the date. Follow the same manual entry procedure.


Using the Timer in the Mobile App 

The Timer is also available on the Salesforce app. Timekeepers can manually add Time Entries from their mobile devices by clicking the Time Tracking icon on the bottom of their custom app. This app is created during the Post-Install steps, or by selecting the Time Tracking app from the App Launcher. (Be sure to remember to log into the app using your same Salesforce credentials).  

To add a Time Entry, click the Time Tracking icon, then the Plus Icon (+) on the right. Enter the same information required on the desktop version, click Save.

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