Known Issue: Users Unable to Edit Documents in DocrioEdit

Product and Version Impacted

  • Docrio

Issue Summary

Some end users have reported difficulty downloading and editing documents using DocrioEdit. More specifically, there appears to be an inability to download files from the File Viewer, and/or DocrioEdit isn't opening upon clicking the 'Edit' button.


Admin must grant access to custom fields on the File Error object.

  1. Click the Setup Cog.
  2. Click Object Manager in the navigation bar. KI_docrioedit_1.gif
  3. Type "File Error" in the Quick Find bar.
  4. Click File Error.
  5. Click Fields & Relationships.KI_docrioedit_2.gif
  6. Click View Field Accessibility.
  7. Click Error.KI_docrioedit_3.gif
  8. Click Error in the picklist.
  9. Click Hidden next to a Profile type.
  10. Check the checkbox below Visible.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Select Error from the picklist again.
  13. Repeat with all Profile types.
  14. Repeat for all Profiles on the custom fields: Error, Request ID, Stack Trace String, and User.


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