Litify Inbox Calendar Rules

Only events created AFTER sync was set up will synch automatically from Outlook/Litify. For exceptions related to the event sync, read this article.

Events created in Outlook before setting up sync can be bulk updated by creating a Litify category in Outlook. Events assigned this category will sync to Litify during the next sync session. 

Note: Existing events can be filtered via the View Setting command in the Outlook Ribbon if not all events need to be synced to Litify.


Syncing Events from Outlook to Litify

  • Litify creates copies of the synced Event object for all attendees who are Litify users. 
  • An Event assigned to the organizer is the parent event, and Events assigned to attendees are child Events
  • Please note: Events are synced for the organizer first, and then to the attendees’ calendars. If the organizer's sync is down/disabled, the event will not be synced for anyone.

Duplicate Events

  • Litify Inbox ensures that no duplicated Events are created in your Litify Org.
  • This process is handled by synchronization, and is applied based if the event Subject, Start Date, and Organizer fields match.
    • This only applies to Litify Events which have attendees. 
  • Additional rules apply for Teams/Zoom meetings and conference calls: 
    • If the same event is created or updated in MS Outlook and Litify at the same time, only the instance created/updated in MS Outlook will be kept, the other instance will be replaced. 

Deleted Events

  • If an event is deleted in Outlook, it will be deleted from the Litify calendar during the next sync session.
  • If an event is deleted in Litify, it will not be deleted from Outlook calendar, but will no longer have a Litify category assigned and will not sync back to Outlook. 

Private Calendar Items

Calendar items flagged as private are handled according to the following rules:

  • When a private calendar item is assigned the Litify category in MS Exchange/Office 365: the event is shared in Litify without the Private attribute
  • When a private calendar item is shared in Litify by clicking the Save button, the event is shared in Litify without the Private attribute.
  • When the events auto sharing setting is enabled, private events are not automatically saved in Litify
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