Litify Inbox: Event Sync Troubleshooting

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For any reported issue with calendar events not syncing from Outlook to Litify/from Litify to Outlook, ensure the user’s mailbox is initialized (Litify Inbox is connected to the mail server), the user’s sync is up and running, and if there are any sync issues in the Admin Panel. This is checked in the Client's tenant (Litify Inbox Admin panel).

If the mailbox is not initialized:

  • Ask the user to open their Litify Inbox sidebar > Menu > Set up sync.
  • User will be prompted to enter their O365 credentials. By initializing their mailbox users set up their sync.

If Client uses Exchange Impersonation to bulk initialize users’ mailboxes
  • Log into their Litify Inbox tenant (Admin Panel) and from the Organizations > Email Configuration initialize org’s mailboxes.

  1. Account logon – Impersonation address
  2. Password – password associated with the Impersonation address
  3. Exchange Web Services URL – Clients Exchange URL
  4. Once the info from p. 1-3 is entered, Check User’s Exchange Impersonated Access.

*Please note that before the mailboxes are initialized, they should be connected to Litify in the first place.

User’s sync is down

You can check a user’s sync status from a user record in the Admin Panel. Check the user’s sync statistics for a detailed error (the Statistics tab).

Sync might be down when:
  • Duplicated events are present either in Litify or Outlook calendars. Litify Inbox applies Event Deduplication to calendar events. More about Event Deduplication can be found here

  • To resolve sync issues caused by duplicated events, ask the client to adjust subjects of the events to make them unique or delete duplicated instances of events if there are any identical event occurrences.
  • Oauth token has expired for a user’s mailbox.

  • Ask the affected user to re-initialize connection between their Litify Inbox and mail server.

  • Other server related issues

  •  Submit a ticket to support. Please refer to this article about the details that you need to provide.

Event is not syncing despite sync being up and running

  • If User’s mailbox is initialized and the sync is up and running, try checking the Issues tab for the affected user account in the Admin Panel.
  • Check if the event in question is there.
  • All the sync issues are displayed under the Issues tab with Event subject and Error Text explaining why an event is not syncing.

Examples of errors which prevent events from syncing (upon creation or update) and how to resolve them:

Error text


Event: bad field names on insert/update call: WhoId

Make sure that within the Litify org Event and Task objects’ Name (WhoId) fields are set to be visible to all of user profiles.

This event is a recurring one. Please enable sync of recurring events in SmartCloud Connect settings to sync such events properly.

If you are syncing recurring events from Outlook to Litify, please make sure:

  • that the Client has the following setting enabled on the org level (in the Admin Panel): ServiceAutoTrackRecurrentEvents (1-enabled, 0-disabled)
  • that Client has requested Salesforce to enabled Advanced Calendaring for their Litify org.

Meeting for attendees cannot be synchronized until the organizer synchronizes it.

The event organizer’s sync should be up and running for the event to sync to the attendees’ calendars.

Salesforce meeting wasn't added to the Calendar, awaiting for Organizer to synchronize it.

All-day recurring events are currently not supported.

Such type of events is currently not supported by the Litify Inbox.

Error text may also contain info about CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION

Review the validation rule you have on Event object that prevents the event from being updated.

Event is not syncing despite sync being up and running and there are records under the Issues tab

Review the event creation date and check whether it was created before or after the sync was set up.

IMPORTANT! Only events created AFTER the sync was set up are syncing to Litify/Outlook automatically. For more exceptions related to events syncing please see this article.
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