Troubleshooting Litify Performance

Users experience slow loading speeds in Litify for a multitude of reasons. In most cases, the problem itself is not caused by Litify, rather caused by network, Salesforce, or browser cache issues. 

Troubleshooting Network Issues

Slow network connectivity causes delayed load times for all websites—not just Litify. Because Litify runs on your browser, slow load times might be related to your internet speed. Test your connection speed directly from your Litify Org: 

  • Log in to your Litify Org
  • Add "/speedtest.jsp" to the end of the URL in your address bar > Click the Test Speed button


  • Allow the Salesforce Performance Test to run in full (between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, depending on your internet speed) until the bar is fully loaded and the dialog reads 'Finished'


If your network speed is affecting Litify performance, it will be reflected in the numbers on the Performance Test. For optimal performance, Salesforce recommends: an octane score of 30,000 or greater, latency of 150 ms or less, and a download speed of 3 Mbps or greater. 

If your network speed, octane score, and latency are above average, note the server your Org uses. Salesforce occasionally experiences network issues tied to specific servers. If you've followed all of the troubleshooting steps in this article and are still experiencing performance issues, open a case with Salesforce.

Troubleshooting Browser Issues

Litify mostly runs on your browser's front end, which means anything which affects your browser performance will also heavily impact your loading times on Litify. Salesforce also has an in depth article on troubleshooting issues with Chrome. First you should clear your browsing data, including cached images and cookies.

Important Note: Clearing your browsing data will log users out of all websites and apps

Clear Browser Cache and cookies

  • This is the easiest way to improve browser performance overall. To clear your cache on Chrome, click the More Button    in the top right corner > Click More Tools > Click Clear Browsing Data...


  • Set the time using the picklist (All Time is most effective) > Check the checkboxes for all three options > Click Clear data


You should see an immediate improvement in Litify performance. 

Additional Troubleshooting Steps

If clearing your browser data didn't yield results, your Org's performance issues are likely caused by a Salesforce issue. See the following articles from Salesforce for more information and additional troubleshooting steps:

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