Litify Financials v1 Known Issues

Issue: Cloning configurations will not maintain the tab/object order on the cloned configuration

  • When cloning configurations, all the tabs, and objects within those tabs, are created as an exact copy. The order of the tabs is based on when they were created.
  • When configurations are cloned, the objects and tabs are created at the same time, which can make the summary tabs appear out of order.

Workaround: Delete and recreate the tabs/objects/tables in your preferred order. 

Issue: Cloning configurations enables 'Transaction Allowed' toggle for tabs which previously had Transactions disabled

  • There is no state for disabled Transactions when cloning configurations, which means the data isn't stored in a meaningful way on the configuration. 
  • This results in cloned mapping tabs appearing to be enabled even though they weren’t mapped before (i.e. the toggle is ON when it should have been OFF)
  • Although the tab appears as ON, there are no mappings completed and the tab is not considered 'Complete,' therefor the configuration can't be activated.
  • The user will have to take action by either toggling Transactions OFF for the tab, or mapping the objects as outlined here.

Workaround: When cloning configurations, double check the desired behavior for creating Transactions for each tab.  If you still don’t want the objects used to create Transactions, toggle 'Transactions Allowed' to OFF. If you do want to create Transactions, keep the toggle ON and complete mapping following the steps in this article

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