Docrio v5 Release Notes

Latest Version: 5.3

Release Date: 2/17/2021

Production Link: Please reach out to your CSM or Litify Account Manager

Sandbox Link: Please reach out to your CSM or Litify Account Manager


For upgrades from v3 or earlier, please note the following: There's a post-install script which will run as part of the upgrade process from an older version of Docrio. It is VITAL that users do not interact with Docrio while this script is running. We recommend upgrading during off-hours or on the weekend to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • To monitor the progress of the post install script, go to Setup Apex Jobs, and look for the entry for the CategoryConversionBatch apex class. You can monitor the progress by noting the Batches Processed in comparison to the Total Batches.

Upgrade Guide     Upgrade Steps


v5.3 Upgrade Steps: REQUIRED

1 page layout needs to be updated. Please note if you do not perform these steps, folders will no longer be visible on a record.

  1. From Setup, click the Object Manager tab in the navigation bar.
  2. Type "File Action Permissions" into the search bar.
  3. Click File Action Permissions.
  4. Click Page Layouts.
  5. Click File Action Permissions Layout
  6. Drag all of the Fields into the page layout. The placement within the layout does not matter, they just need to be there.


New Features:

  • Introducing improved Folder icons! 
    • You can now tell whether a folder is empty, or contains documents or sub-folders, simply by looking at the icon next to its name. 



  • Implemented the ability to view related Folders and files on a Matter.
  • Removed a check for a DocAssign license, as DocAssign is now available to all Docrio customers at no additional charge. 
  • Improved the speed and usability of OCR searches.
  • Implemented improvements to file names and how extensions behave. 
  • Improved recognition of file types uploaded via Docrio and DocAssign. Files will now show the proper icon based on their file type. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Folders created on a Matter appeared out of alphabetical order when viewed in DocAssign.  
  • Solved an issue where merging more than 100 records triggered an error.
  • Fixed a bug where Docrio permission sets were missing necessary field access permissions.
  • Resolved an issue where saving and closing an existing input quickly in Template Builder created a duplicate. 
  • Fixed an issue where completing a Text Content Search in Advanced Search in an Org without OCR compatible documents triggered an error message instead of showing 0 results. 
  • Solved a bug where Auto Merge and Bulk Merge Conditionals weren’t working properly. 
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on an input, not making changes, and closing the input would result in a warning. This warning will now only appear when changes have been made to an input.  
  • Resolved an issue where using a Salesforce field for the ‘X’ value operator in a rule caused an error to appear. 
  • Resolved a problem with conditional sections caused by merging a packet that contains two templates using the same conditional input. Merges with conditionals will now work as intended.
  • Solved a bug which incorrectly allowed users to select a starting object in Template Builder when editing an existing template. 
  • Fixed a bug with Docrio Advanced Search which caused checkboxes to be enabled without being clicked. They will now behave properly. 
  • Resolved an issue with cloning profiles, where duplicate File action permissions were applied to the cloned profile.
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